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Advertisements Sale Dordogne :
Dordogne Sale House / Villa MONESTIER 0 188 M²
Less than 20 minutes from bergerac, this property is comprised of two separate houses, which can easily be joined together (currently blocked doorways), or can form a house plus rental property, set in a large garden in a village, next to the church (no bells!). it was certainly once the village presbytery but the church is now disused. the houses are both made from stone and there are some interesting features - including a lovely stone staircase in one house, and a wooden staircase in the other ...
Dordogne Sale House / Villa EYMET 0 125 M²
Located down a very quiet lane. the renovation has been started for this lovely pigeon tower and could easily make 3 bedrooms with kitchen and sitting room, there is a seperate garage and utility room. the 710m2 of garden is private with it's own well.
Dordogne Sale House / Villa BERGERAC 0 123 M²
Bergerac centre ville, house 123 m, land 900 m, 3 bedrooms, living-room 36 m, veranda
Dordogne Sale House / Villa VILLEFRANCHE DU PERIGORD 0 245 M²
Large town house on 2 levels and 2 separate entry, only 300 metres from all amenities. nice view from a spacious terrace. the 245 m living space offers 4 good sized bedrooms, kitchen, 67 m living/dining room, office, shower room on ground floor and bathroom upstairs, garage, cellar, laundry room. also, on this 1625 m plot, there is a 16 m outbuilding for a second garage or workshop.

You can also place a property advertisement free of charge or any other city in the departement of Dordogne, our website is specialised in the south of France. Therefore, you will contacted by people which are interested in your property.

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Example Ad :
close to bergerac and in a quiet country location this pretty modern home will pleasantly surprise you. located on a terrain of 2500m2 entirely fenced in and with trees and hedges the driveway leads you to the swimming pool with the house in the background overlooking the fields behind the vast living room of 49 sq.m with chimney insert , 2 fitted kitchens. 4 good-sized bedrooms. electric heating. very low running costs. ideal secondary residence. schools and shops close by. a must to vist quickly. for more information about this property or to see our 10000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
building plot not far from a bustling little village with all the shops and restaurants. this building plot is 2512m2 and has a current outlining planning permission for a house/bungalow. good location close to everything you need. for more information about this property or to see our 10000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
this gorgeous property in mussidan has been tastefully restored to suit you and your family. the main house is 366m, the outbuildings 160m and set on grounds of 6000m: the possibilities are endless here. maybe guesthouses, or gtes - come for a visit and let your creativity shine through. for more information about this property or to see our 9000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
recreational land / building land near perigueux only 20 minutes from perigueux lies a splendid 9-hectare plot of land for a recreational park. 5000sqm are reserved for construction, 1.6 hectares are set aside for recreational and family use (camping, chalets, equestrian centre), and a chance to acquire 3 more hectares. the peaceful surroundings and negotiable price will seduce any visitor. for more information about this property or to see our 8300+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
business lease near domme near to tourist attractions, this business lease in a hotel and restaurant / bar / pizzeria has a lot of potential. the 330sqm interior is in good condition. for more information about this property or to see our 8000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
to renovate .barn and land in a lovely little hamlet, perfect to convert into a habitable dwelling. contact ag capi caroline simcock on (cheap rate 2p per min) or + anytime see photos ref 9369 at

Example Ad :
in a quiet location approaching monestier, this superb one storey home is the dream house overlooking the vines and just 2 minutes from the local village. the house offers over 150 sq.m: 46sq.m lounge/diner, fully equipped lovely bright kitchen, back kitchen, study, 4 charming bedrooms, cupboard space, 2 bathrooms, one ensuite, under floor heating. wonderful terrace overlooking the 9x6 pool. double garage. the property sits on a terrain of 2600m2. short car ride to all amenities and schools. "a move right in" home . for more information about this property or to see our 8300+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
beautifully restored, this old farmhouse and its fabulous stone outbuildings (200 sq.m) will take you back in time. in the main house 134 sq.m of accommodation boasting beams and stone walls, there is a large fitted kitchen, separate living and dining rooms. 2 beds. 1 bathroom, 2 wc.vast enclosed verandah overlooking the 10.5 hectares summer kitchen/bbq, . log burners for heating. library conversion in outbuilding. laundry room conversion . plus 5 separate b b tastefully refurbished bedrooms each with own bathroom and wc. pool 11 x 5. the property has stunning views all around. for more information about this property or to see our 8300+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
magnificent and recently restored residence dating back to the 19th century situated in granges d?ans in the perigord noir region available with three buildings standing arranged in a u shape around a centralized yard with a swimming pool. the property covers 680sqm living space and consists of: 9 bedrooms, 3 kitchens, 4 living rooms, one bathroom and three shower rooms. additional highlights are: a fireplace, terraces with uninterrupted views of the lovely surrounding scenery, double glazing and a cellar. the property also comes with an additional outbuilding and a garage. all of this is standing on 1, 72ha land lined with trees and with fast access to the motorway, the train station and the airport. for more information about this property or to see our 11000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
just south of javerlhac et la chapelle in the dordogne, near nontron and around 30km from angoulme. with lots of space and light, this is a beautiful village house with at least five bedrooms. no work needed, and very close to shops and schools. adjacent garage, and an enclosed courtyard an ideal property for a large family. this could be your dream home, pack your bags today and come and have a look! for more information about this property or to see our 11000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
dordogne, thiviers situated in the north of prigueux and close to thiviers, this equestrian property covers 18 hectares, which includes 15 hectares of beautiful meadow land. the surroundings are magnificent and there are no nuisances. the house is made from log wood and to be developped (little work is needed). it includes sheep wool insolation, double glazing and covers 180 m. the equestrian facilities: large storage shed of 360 m (new roof), 3 new stables, 2 superb meadow sheds (new), sandpit of 30x40m, lake with pump to supply water to the paddocks, grass path around the property. for more information about this property or to see our 10000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
dordogne region, abjat sur bandiat recently restored, this house is situated in a small village with all conveniences, schools, bars and restaurants. it comprises of three bedrooms, a dining room, cellar, garage and much more. ideal for a small family or as a holiday home. for more information about this property or to see our 11000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
house in saint laurent des vignes measuring 100sqm, this house is situated in a nice neighbourhood near to shops and all amenities. the house rests on an 800sqm plot of land. the interior includes a living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, a mezzanine, bathroom, wc, laundry room and a garage. for more information about this property or to see our 8300+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
close to the bastide of beaumonten perigord, this pretty modern home situated in the countryside without being isolated - just 5 minutes to village - is ready to move into right away. a welcoming 40 sq.m living/dining area with oak parquet flooring, french windows out onto 30 sq. m terrasse for outside dining. fully fitted open kitchen. 3 spacious bedrooms, 1 with ensuite, bathroom, 2 wc. very economical electric convector heating. spacious integral garage and laundry area. underground water reserve of 3000l. terrain of 4400 sq.m, perfect for pool. for more information about this property or to see our 7000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
2 houses, easily made into one large detached home on the outskirts of lalinde. each house with 3 bedrooms , central heating and garages below. 1st. house - kitchen, lounge/dining room with fireplace, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, garage, boiler room (oil central heating), and large covered terrace. 2nd. house - kitchen with fireplace, lounge/dining room, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, cellar and enclosed veranda. garages underneath the property. 3000 m2 of land with views over valley. terrain de 47 000 m2 a acheter apres le baill agricole est terminéé (3 ans) perfect for an exclusive b&b or as a large family home. 5 minutes from the town centre with schools, shops, cafés, restaurants and all amenities. lalinde is set on the banks of the dordogne river with many leisure activities, such as canoeing. 30 minutes from bergerac airport (ryanair and flybe)

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