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Les Cles du Midi : Advertisements Sale Vienne :
Agencies Immobilieres Vienne Sale Ground Nieuil-l'Espoir surface : 980 M²
translation in progress......
65 000 €
Agencies Immobilieres Vienne Sale Ground Bignoux surface : 1589 M²
translation in progress......
132 400 €
Agencies Immobilieres Vienne Sale Ground MAGNÉ surface : 5670 M²
IAD France
translation in progress......
55 000 €
Agencies Immobilieres Vienne Sale Ground Oyré surface : 2570 M²
Propri�t�s Priv�es
86220 oyre: terrain de plus...
38 990 €
Agencies Immobilieres Vienne Sale Ground Thuré surface : 1268 M²
translation in progress......
40 640 €

Les Cles du Midi : Advertisements Renting Vienne :
Agencies Immobilieres Vienne Renting Apartment Poitiers M²
poitiers plateau quartier rue victor
500 €
Agencies Immobilieres Vienne Renting Shops POITIERS M²

1 945 €
Agencies Immobilieres Vienne Renting Apartment POITIERS M²
Agence IMMOBILIERE RODRIGUES / 2 ème compte passerelle
translation in progress...
605 €
Agencies Immobilieres Vienne Renting Apartment POITIERS M²
Agence IMMOBILIERE RODRIGUES / 2 ème compte passerelle
translation in progress...
360 €
Agencies Immobilieres Vienne Renting Shops POITIERS M²

5 000 €

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You can also place a property advertisement free of charge or any other city in the departement of Vienne, our website is specialised in the south of France. Therefore, you will contacted by people which are interested in your property.

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Example Ad :
beautiful country house has 15mns city on 1 stage of 110m2 with ground raises fence of 10000m2 has proximity d a prenant 6 pieces.rec 1cuisine amenagee 12m2.1sam 24m2 with chimney insert.1salon 16m2 with chimney insert.1bureau 8m2.1wc.1cellier 15m2.1grenier.1er stage 3chambres m2 of which 2 with placard.1sdb.1wc.1debaras 10m2.exterieur ground raises fence of 10000m2.1barbecue.1 puit.1 shelters of jardin.1 preeau 2 voitures.2 covered terraces 9 and 36m2.menuiserie drc pvc double glazing and 1st stage out of wooden double vitrage.chauffage with 2 chimneys insert and recuperator of electric heat conso 500 € /an.production warm water with ballon.toutes proximities has 15mns chatellerault.aeroport of poitiers 35kms.autoroute a10 has 15mns. paris tgv 1:30 .futuroscope has 20kms.lac beach leisures d be 15mns.amoureux of the countryside to be seized quickly. agent agent

Example Ad :
house of borough as a pierre of 110 m2 out of 1 stage 4pieces.+autre house 1 part of 45m2 with barn fermee of 50mcave.2 garages.1 puit.2 places carpark exterieur.sur a ground raises fence of 2300m2.rdc house of 110m2 1 entry 8m2.1salon sam 30m2.1 kitchen amenagee equipee 12m2.1arriere kitchen 8m2.1wc.1se.1 wash-house 10m2.1er stage 1 stage 10m2.3chambres 10 12 16m2.exterieur ground 2300m2. dependences open of 30m2 and 8m2.chauffage gas of ville.menuiserie pvc double glazing and bois.proche all conveniences have pied.chatellerault has 5mns.aeroport of poitiers 35kms.autoroute a10 5kms. paris tgv 1:15 .futuroscope 15kms.pour in love with the countryside in ville.a to visit quickly. agent agent

Example Ad :
house of city 1 stages calm sector with ground raises fence of 580m2 garage20m2 1 attic .1 large preeau.portail pre cable.rdc cooks equipee 12m2 living room contiguous sam 23m2 on terrace of 45m2 and cooks d be with chimney insert.wc. buanderie.1er stages sdb. wc 3 rooms m2 with large wall cupboards parquet floor flottant.menuiserie pvc double glazing. near any conveniences 5mns station futuroscope.15 million airport poitiers .5mns motorway a10.+ ground which se locates on the commune of cuhon street of picheil &# photographs of the ground has your provision) surface 2031 m² (in the past zk 286 before division) develops eau/electricite/telephonecertificats town planning ok36 measures frontage and platclos on two dimensions paisiblepret has construireprix 30.000 € agent agent

Example Ad :
house of 100m2 on under ground and 1 stage built as a pierre with a ground raises fence of 1255m2 without opposite prenant 6 pieces.rdc 1 entry .1cuisine amenagee 13m2.1 living room sam 17m2 with balcon.3chambres m2 1sdb.1wc.divers placards.1er stages 2 rooms 11 17m2.1 attic amenageable.sous ground 1 garage 1 conveys .1cellier.1buanderie.1chaufferie.chauffage fuel conso 1000 € /an.menuiserie bois.proche all commodites.aeroport of poitiers 20kms.autoroute has 10 6kms.paris tgv 1:30. futuroscope 6kms.lac beach leisures d be 3kms.a to visit quickly. agent agent

Example Ad :
beautiful apartment in calm residence locates full cus with assenceur t2 49m2 heating gas in joint ownership. balcony. cellar box living room sam 20m2cuisine 10m2 1chambre 10m2 gate garage closes under ground electrique.interphone.charges 70 € /mois. all conveniences agent agent guy lambert

Example Ad :
for in love ones with nature the countryside completely has 15mns chatellerault.belle old house as a pierre renovee of 130m2 on a ground raises fence of 1700m2 has l oree d a prenant 4 open pieces.1cuisine amenagee 18m2 with a corner snack.1salon sam 28m2 with chimney insert stones and visible beams opening on terrasse.1 se.1wc.3 rooms m2 whose 2 with dressing.1 preeau 2 voitures.1grande cave.1 puit.chauffage chimney insert +convecteurs in appoint.menuiserie bois.visiophone.proche all conveniences have 1km.aeroport of poitiers 30kms.autoroute has 10 10kms.paris tgv 1:30 .futuroscope 20kms.a to see quickly. agent agent

Example Ad :
appart t2, in recent residence, stay with terrace, 1 room with wall cupboard, arranged kitchen, heating gas, individual carpark, residence made safe, fresh of notary reduces yves contact to the agent agent 86

Example Ad :
house of city 5 parts in district calms near all conveniences to 90m2 with ground raises fence of 260m2 on 1 etage.rdc living room sam 25m2. cook amenagee with corner meal 15m2 opening on jardin.1wc + lavabo.1 placard.1garage 1 voiture.1er stages 4 rooms m2 on parquet floor with placards.1 se 7m2.1placard.au above attic surface of the maison.exterieur ground raises fence of 260m2 dependence s suitable of 15m2.chaudiere new. drc tiling 1st stage parquet.menuiserie bois.1km a10 motorway. 15mns futuroscope.1h15 paris tgv.35kms poitiers airport ready to pose its bags to be seized quickly. agent agent guy lambert

Example Ad :
in full centre barn town to renovate 150m2 on the ground with as much l has stages. 200m2 of ground 1 puit.1 small building to be renovated on 3 stages including/understanding 1 part has each stage of 12m2.possibilite to connect electricity and all has l sewer with the barn since l different batiment.proche all conveniences. to visit quickly. agent agent guy lambert

Example Ad :
beautiful house of full foot traditional construction renovates has nine of 103m2 on a ground of 908 m2 raises prenant 1 entry with wall cupboard 5m2.1 kitchen amenagee equipee 15m2 with opening on terrace of .1salon sam 39m2 with chimney insert.3 rooms 11 11 12m2 including 2 with placard.1se.1wc.1 garage 2 cars 40m2.2 terraces 35 and 80m2.1 shelters of jardin.chauffage gas for domestic use + electric insert.menuiserie pvc double travelling vitrage.volets has remote control centrale.prochez all commodites.aeroport of poitiers 25kms.autoroute has 10 3 kms.paris tgv 1:15 .lac beach drill leisures d be 4kms.futuroscope 10kms.a to see quickly agent agent

Example Ad :
for real investisseur.petit on 2 stages of 70m2 free prenant drc 1 commercial premise has 25m2 with window of 3m.1 palier.1wc.1cave voutee 20m2.1etage 1piece 23msdb.2eme stages 1piece 23m2 with visible beams .possibilite to rent commercial premise with the drc and to make a t3 with 1st and 2nd etage.rapport 650 € /mois.chauffage gas for domestic use .proche all conveniences has pied.aeroport of poitiers 35kms.paris tgv 1:15 .autoroute a10 3kms.futuroscope 15kms.a to visit quickly. agent agent

Example Ad :
house of 90m2 city on 1 standard stage 4 with under ground buries 50m2 and 287m2 of ground raises cloture.rdc 1 entry 10m2.1salon sam chimney 26m2 with opening on terrace of 20mkitchen amenagee equipee with corner meal 11m2 opening on terrasse.1 wc. 1garage 2 voitures.1buanderie 4m2.1er stage 1sdb.3 rooms of which 2 with wall cupboard 9 10 13m2.sous ground buries 50m2 1 cellar. 2 parts being able to be office room of jeux.exterieur 1 terrace 20m2.1 kitchen d be 9m2.1 shelters of jardin.1 barbecue. heating gas for domestic use boiler neuve.menuiserie wood survitrage .volets 1st stage in pvc.proche all commodites.aeroport of poitiers 35kms.autoroute a10 3kms.paris tgv 1:15 .futuroscope 15kms.lac beach drill leisures d be 2kms.a to visit quickly. agent agent guy lambert

Example Ad :
jaunay clan: in a great location 3km from the futuroscope park in poitiers, surrounded by greenery, this is a gorgeous country house with 184m of living space, and 1000m of land. tranquil whilst remaining near to shops, it has unique and stunning architecture, and offers four bedrooms and a beautiful interior, as well as a swimming pool. not to be missed! for more information about this property or to see our 12000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
beautiful new house of full foot on under semi ground buries built in 2005 (with reduced expenses) in calm district in the countryside has 10mns livable chatellerault.surface 108m2 on 775m2 of ground raises cloture.vmc.chauffage on the electric ground for the large part of life with kitchen and convectors in the rooms. regulator of temperature.menuiserie pvc double vitrage.volets prenant 5 pieces.1 large entree.1cuisine amenagee equipee 13m2 with opening on terrasse.1salon sam 30m2 opening on terrasse.4 rooms m2 whose 2 with wall cupboard and 1 with se.1cabinet of toilette.1wc.1sdb.sous ground 1 garage 2 voitures.1 buanderie.ext 1 terrace 35m2.1barbecue.proche all commodites.aeroport of poitiers 35kms.autoroute has 10 7 kms.paris tgv 1:30 .futuroscope 15kms. to see agent agent quickly

Example Ad :
close chatellerault. naintré. beautiful livable house 140 m², 3 rooms, cooks equipped arranged, beautiful pieces of life under semi ground buried entirely arranged with its kitchen summer, large garage 2 cars with mezzanine, small roof, closed flat ground raised of 972 m² with its swimming pool 8 x 4. double glazing everywhere, automatic and programmable shutters. no work! all is impeccable! agent agent optimhome - to contact peudevin franois with vouneuil on vienna to the - more information on (ref. )

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