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Advertisements Renting Ardeche :
Renting s House / Villa Gluiras M²
The hiring is at 30 km (s) of deprived and at 45 km (s) of valence and at an altitude of 500 meters. housing is located at 3 kilometer (s) of the river, to 5 kilometer (s) of the centre town, with 45 kilometers of the exit d motorway of a7. housing comprises 2 beds simple (s), 1 settee (s) reads (s) 2 bed (s) double (s), 1 bed (s) baby (s) it has a garden of 500 m . the hiring is directed sud_ouest the hiring has an independent kitchen, a living room, a balcony, a private carpark, a terrace, a veranda, ... (+ Infos)
Renting s Castejau M²
The tenancy is in 6 km of horseboxes and in 10 km of ruoms the accommodation am located the accommodation includes 2 beds simple, 1 chesterfield (s) reads 1 double bed (s). it has a garden of 100 m . the tenancy has a living room, a balcony, a private parking, a corner cooks, private tennis. the tenancy is equipped d 'une air-conditioning, d 'un living room garden, d 'un barbecue, d 'une table of table tennis, d 'une swing, d 'un receptacle with sand, with chairs of garden, transats, with games ... (+ Infos)
Renting s Chassiers M²
The tenancy is in 2 km of largentiere and in 1 km () of chassiers and in a 220-metre altitude. in 1 kilometre (s) of trade. the accommodation is located in 15 metres of the rivire. the accommodation includes 4 beds simple, 4 bed (s) double, 1 bed (s) infant (s) the tenancy south is orientated the tenancy has an independent kitchen, a living room, a private parking, a terrace, a private swimming pool, a dining room, a garden. the tenancy is equipped d 'un central heating, d 'un living room garden, ... (+ Infos)
Renting s House / Villa Vogüe M²
Of aubenas of small valley bridge arc with 500 meters of the trade, 1 kilometer (s) of the river, to 1 kilometer (s) of the centre town, with 35 kilometers of the exit motorway of montlimar northern or southern, to 35 kilometer (s) of the station of montlimar. with 127 meters of the bus stop for the third time of valence or montlimar. housing comprises 16 beds simple (s), 1 settee (s) reads (s) 2 bed (s) double (s), 1 bed (s) baby (s) it has a garden of 650 m . the hiring is directed southern ... (+ Infos)
Renting s House / Villa St Paul Le Jeune M²
The rental is located 40 km (s) aubenas and 22 km (s) pont d'arc valley at an altitude of 280 meters. housing is located 100 meters from the shops, 6 km (s) of the river, 80 kilometers from the motorway exit montelimar-north, 30 km (s) from the station of ales. the housing has two single beds (s), 2 sofa bed (s) (s) 2 bed (s) double (s), 1 bed (s) baby (s) he has a garden of 1000 m. lease has an independent kitchen, lounge, balcony, private parking, private pool, a dining room, a garden. rental ... (+ Infos)

You can also place a property advertisement free of charge or any other city in the departement of Ardeche, our website is specialised in the south of France. Therefore, you will contacted by people which are interested in your property.

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Example Ad :
sector cus merry ardeche 07 ref.: 2819 villa de construction traditionelle composee a dwelling with the drc with kitchen, living room, 4 rooms, bathroom, wc and storeroom and has stage a self-contained flat, the whole locates on a ground of 3.000m² with sight panoramic and close to the trade. to envisage work of cooling.

Example Ad :
ardeche valley de eyrieux stone-built house renovee of 205 m2 on a ground of 3000 m2 with pisicine and shelter and puit. solar heating and geothermics + chimney. sight degagee on countryside. house of 8 parts, 4 rooms has stage, kitchen amenagee, carpark.- price: 351' 750.00 euros - e-mail: - such: - ref.: mandate: * thanks to do acap-financing, obtain your pr? real estate, without expenses, in the best conditions of walk. contact to us of all confidentiality to the , we will examine your needs, average wishes, with you *

Example Ad :
cus merry ardeche 07 sector ref.: 2993

Example Ad :
house has st - sernin (07200) beautiful house of character out of joint stone with ground raises 700 mlocate has 20 minutes of the throats of ardeche and of the small valley bridge arc and has 5 mn aubenas. currently 3 parts for 100m2u, possibility of making 2 additional rooms. interior court + shaded terrace with kitchen summer. - price: 290' 000.00euros - or

Example Ad :
ref. 0southern ardeche: sector merry, under the chestnuts, new villa approximately 102 m² with stay/kitchen of 53 m², 3 rooms 11.57/13.14/12.21, sdb, 2 wc, large garage of 51, 4 m², terrace 22 m², southern expo, rivers and stroll in the vicinity. reduced expenses of notary, decennial guarantee + damage works

Example Ad :
cus ardeche, close ruoms beautiful ground constructible of 1773 m² with sight released on surrounding nature and limited by geometrician. water and electricity in edge. permit building positive for villa.réf.07.982

Example Ad :
(26) house framework wood with mezzanine on ground 820m2 and swimming pool to contact sylvain to the agent agent

Example Ad :
ref. to sell cus ardeche in close village river ardeche? much charm for this old house of country 100 m² restauree - including/understanding kitchen/dining room voutee, living room voutee, 3 rooms, bathroom? office - orpi drome ardeche gard partner of your real estate project

Example Ad :
close center ruoms, pleasant apartment with large terrace. stay-corner cooks, 2 rooms, room water, toilets, storeroom, cellar and covered carpark. rent: 580 ?

Example Ad :
00610: ardeche: hung to the first reliefs, interior a medieval village feeling the south good, coiled in hills olive-trees, this residence one of most authentic with these various arched parts, patio, hanging garden decorated a swimming pool, offers 550 m² approximately dwelling renovated with taste, knew to keep all the charm and character of this old seigniory, thus allowing a reception hosts of great quality where quietude and peace are assured.

Example Ad :
near mezilhac in the ardeche fabulous property built in local stone with an independant gite. amazing views over the protected countryside around mount gerbier. high tourist appeal, perfect for guest house activity. no work needed you could rent out the gite and rooms straight away.

Example Ad :
01871: south of france: within one of the most beautiful valleys in gard of provence, profiting a panoramic sight, house architect of character on 4000m² of ground with large swimming pool, volume and luminosity for these 194m² livable, roomy stay with monumental chimney 85.5m², kitchen, 3 rooms, 2 room water, 3 wc, large terraces, heating on the electric ground low temperature, septic tank. reduced expenses of notary.

Example Ad :
cus ardeche. close small valley d' bridge; arc. ground of 2650m² approximately with panoramic sight on the surrounding countryside. réf.07.990

Example Ad :
ref. 0near small valley pt arc, new villa lime pit foot 85m² livable on 1773 m² of ground in a pastoral environment. terrace, garage, kitchen, stay/living room, 3 rooms, room water, storeroom. beautiful services. pretty sight.

Example Ad :
southernmost ardeche/near ruoms: established with calm, on 1767m² of ground closed with gate, this villa completed in 2002 profits a framework privileged for in love with the countryside! located near to all conveniences and splendid places of bagnades, this construction raised on 2 levels offers approximately 115m² livable and 24m² of contiguous garage/superbe mazet hones some with furnace and barbecue/septic tank/electric chauffage + chimney insert/fd wood + shutters wood and pvc/eau by irrigation.

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