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Advertisements Renting Cotes D Armor :
Renting s Plouezec M²
The hiring is at 6 km (s) of paimpol and at 10 km (s) of lanvollon housing is located at 5 kilometer (s) of the sea, to 2 kilometer (s) of the trade, to 5 kilometer (s) of the river, to 2 kilometer (s) of the centre town, with 20 kilometers of the exit motorway of rn12, to 6 kilometer (s) of the station of paimpol. housing comprises 2 beds simple (s), 1 bed (s) double (s). it has a garden of 50 m . the hiring is directed est_ouest the hiring has a private carpark, a terrace, a gaming room, a collective ... (+ Infos)
Renting s House / Villa Trevou Treguignec M²
The hiring is at 10 km (s) of perros guirec and at 15 km (s) of lannion housing is located at 500 meters of the sea. housing comprises 4 beds simple (s), 1 settee (s) reads (s) 1 bed (s) double (s), 1 bed (s) baby (s) it has a garden of 990 m . the hiring is directed sud_ouest the hiring has a living room, an american kitchen, a terrace, a court, a dining room, a handicapped garden, and access. the hiring is equipped a central heating, a living room garden, a barbecue, garden chairs, deckchairs, ... (+ Infos)
Renting s Pedernec M²
The hiring is at 30 km (s) of perros guirec and at 22 km (s) of lannion housing is located at 1 kilometers of the exit motorway with 25 kilometers of airport of lannion, to 12 kilometer (s) of the station of guingamp. with 127 meters of the bus stop pdernec. housing comprises 6 beds simple (s), 1 settee (s) reads (s) 2 bed (s) double (s), 3 bed (s) baby (s) it has a garden of 2500 m . the hiring has a living room, a private carpark, an american kitchen, a mezzanine, a terrace, a court, a dining ... (+ Infos)
Renting s Mur De Bretagne M²
The hiring is at 15 km (s) of pontivy and at 19 km (s) of loudeac housing is located at 2 kilometer (s) lake, with 500 meters of the trade, 500 meters of the river, 500 meters of the centre town, 1 kilometers of the exit motorway of rn164, with 100 kilometers of airport of reindeers, to 100 kilometer (s) of the ferry of st malo, with 15 kilometer (s) of the station of pontivy. housing comprises 2 beds simple (s), 1 settee (s) reads (s) it has a garden of 500 m . the hiring has a living room, a ... (+ Infos)
Renting s Kermoroch M²
The rental is located 7 km (s) guingamp and 10 km (s) pontrieux the accommodation is located 27 kilometer (s) from the sea, 1000 kilometers from the airport of brest at 75 km (s ) ferry roscoff, 7 kilometer (s) from the station of guingamp. the accommodation comprises two single beds (s), 1 sofa bed (s) (s) 2 bed (s) double (s), 1 single bed (s) baby (s) it has a 1000 m garden. the location is south facing the rental has a living room, private parking, a kitchen, a courtyard, a garden. the rental ... (+ Infos)

You can also place a property advertisement free of charge or any other city in the departement of Cotes D Armor, our website is specialised in the south of France. Therefore, you will contacted by people which are interested in your property.

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Example Ad :
to contact isabelle to the to sell has yffiniac -in full center borough, house except ground on 1 level, 5 parts on the same stage, 3 rooms, salon/sejour, kitchen equipee, bathroom, wc, a large garage with the basement for 2 cars, a wash-house, closed garden and raises approximately 900 m2 without opposite exposes sud/est, to contact agent agent

Example Ad :
plouha (cote armor, bretagne) this charming and authentic property is in a calm area close to the centre of town and comprises a lounge, fully equipped kitchen and two beautiful bedrooms. for more information about this property or to see our 20000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
cavan, private land measuring 1200 m planted with trees. 68 m can be built on. for more information about this property or to see our 14000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
grounds to be built in trégon (improved lands in free choice of manufacturer starting from 604 m2 and 68.450 ?. no the expenses arranges! /en course of deposit. group capelli: -

Example Ad :
very beautiful property renovated with taste. entry. living room stay (57 m²) with wood stove gaudin. cook arranged and equipped. storeroom wash-house. room. office. with stage: release. 4 rooms including one with dressingroom. bathroom (bath-tub + shower). courtyard doubles vehicles. independent garage (85 m²) with water, electricity. swimming pool except ground, partly buried. well with inversion. dependence. the whole on a ground closed and raised approximately 4.000 m² agent agent optimhome - to contact cornil patricia to the - more information on (ref. )

Example Ad :
very pretty house including/understanding: living room. us kitchen with corner meal. stay. cook summer. stage: 4 rooms including 1 with room privative water. bathroom. independent garage. the whole registered on 1282 m² of closed ground agent agent optimhome - to contact cornil patricia with pleneuf valley andre to the - more information on (ref. )

Example Ad :
plouha (bretagne) between the sea and the town centre. the front of the house is made of granite as well as the boat garage with a bathroom, which is a great attraction for boat owners. a pretty living room, 3 bedrooms and a basement with a large garage. for more information about this property or to see our 15000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
has to sell house on approximately 980m² of garden in a city with trade in brittany center on the area of merdrignac including/understanding with the rdc a kitchen, a roomy stay, 2 rooms, bathroom, wc. on the 1st floor: 2 rooms, room water, wc. under complete ground. beautiful heights under ceilings and of broad pvc openings double glazing offering a good luminosity. all trade and schools in the vicinity. aipl loudéac.

Example Ad :
to contact patricia to the for this charming apartment of the type 3 in residence with elevator. entry. living room stay. open kitchen equipped. release. bathroom. 2 rooms. terrace. cellar. private carpark. perfect state. - to contact patricia cornil with pleneuf valley andre agent agent optimhome to the - more information on (ref. )

Example Ad :
dinan: has 40 minutes of the sea, breton house on its 4.000m2 of ground, with a constructible part closed in its totalité.elevée on a complete basement, undermines, boiler room fuel, an entry, a stay, room water, wc. l' has stage stage serving 2 rooms, room water, wc, and still with stage, 2 other rooms, cabinet of toilette.cuisine aménagée.garage 2 cars, workshop, one puitsprenons contact to the - ref.: 2826vmda - 199.800& euro fai - habitat

Example Ad :
tregueux (cote armor, bretagne) this barn conversion comprises 5 bedrooms and 2650m of land. just 5km from the beach. for more information about this property or to see our 20000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
superb apartment t3 on the dam made up an entry. cook equipped. living room stay terrace seen sea. 2 rooms including one with terrace seen sea. bathroom. perfect state agent agent optimhome - to contact cornil patricia to the - more information on (ref. )

Example Ad :
has to sell house 3 rooms with garage in shift on approximately 1500m² of garden including/understanding in rdc a part of life, a kitchen arranged and equipped, room water with piece of furniture 2 basins, wc. 1st stage: 1 stage, 3 rooms, room water, wc. released sight. aipl loudéac .

Example Ad :
deposited your bags in this charming stone-built house including/understanding kitchen arranged and equipped, stay with chimney and stones apparantes, 3 rooms, bathroom, shelter of garden, tae, ground of 285 m². - to contact your local staff moy sebastien with saint gelven agent agent of the 1st real network in residence optimhome to the - more d information on (ref. )

Example Ad :
t4 house with entrance, kitchen, living room, 3 bedrooms, an office and a room used for wardrobe. small garden front and back. double glazing and shutters. recent interior renovations. close to all amenities (schools, shops, transport). contact m. brenot m. gerard brenot - saint.brieuc

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