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Advertisements Renting Gironde :
Renting s House / Villa ARES M²
~airbak'nb offers you the magnificent villa "air time", close to the peninsula of cap ferret. its green surroundings and typical will charm you by its many assets and its outstanding location(bike path at 200m and city center 1. 5km
composed of a nice living room opening on the terrace(outdoor seating, plancha and barbecue, the heated swimming pool of 9x3 and the jacuzzi invite you to pleasant moments of conviviality its space will allow you to enjoy your stay in a tastefully decorated and ... (+ Infos)
Renting s House / Villa ARCACHON M²
Arcachon in the neighborhood of abatilles, villa bungalow 80 m2 with 3 bedrooms on a plot of 500 m2. all located close to beaches, shops and all activities. wifi, washing machine, dishwasher etc .. more pictures and a detailed and complete description of the property are at your disposal on request. rental 1220 ?? week - high season rental 1020 ?? week - saiosn average rental 800 ?? week - low season
Renting s Vendays Montalivet M²
The hiring is at 15 km (s) of lesparre in medoc and at 15 km (s) of soulac on sea housing is located at 700 meters of the sea, with 200 meters of the trade, 300 meters of the centre town. housing comprises 2 beds simple (s), 1 bed (s) double (s). it has a garden of 200 m . the hiring has a living room, an american kitchen, a terrace, a collective carpark, a court, a collective tennis, a dining room, a garden. the hiring is equipped a living room garden, a sand vat, garden chairs, deckchairs, plays ... (+ Infos)
Renting s House / Villa Jau Dignac Et Loirac M²
The hiring is at 17 km (s) of lesparre and at 70 km (s) of bordeaux wines with 25 kilometer (s) of the sea, to 40 kilometer (s) of the lake, to 1 kilometer (s) of the trade, to 4 kilometer (s) of the river, with 80 kilometers of l airport of merignac, to 30 kilometer (s) of the ferry of the verdon, to 17 kilometer (s) of the station of lesparre. housing comprises 2 beds simple (s), 2 bed (s) double (s), 1 bed (s) baby (s) it has a garden of 500 m . the hiring is directed sud_est the hiring has an ... (+ Infos)
Renting s House / Villa St Vivien M²
To 6 kilometer (s) of the sea, to 1 kilometer (s) of the trade, to 6 kilometer (s) of the river, with 80 kilometers of airport of bordeaux wine merignac, to 80 kilometer (s) of the station of bordeaux wine. housing comprises 6 beds simple (s), 4 bed (s) double (s). it has a garden of 2500 m . the hiring has an independent kitchen, a living room, a garage, a private carpark, a terrace, a gaming room, a jacuzzi, a private swimming pool, a dining room, a handicapped garden, safe, and access. the hiring ... (+ Infos)

You can also place a property advertisement free of charge or any other city in the departement of Gironde, our website is specialised in the south of France. Therefore, you will contacted by people which are interested in your property.

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Example Ad :
house in pessac sur dordogne built in 1997, this peaceful house lies in an exceptionally charming part of town. sitting on a 700sqm plot of land, this contemporary house offers 121sqm of living space. the interior consists of a superb living room with high ceilings, 2 bedrooms (possibly 3), a mezzanine, bathroom with a bathtub and shower and storage space, the sheltered terrace faces the lovely garden scattered with trees. this home is in excellent condition and is ready to be occupied. for more information about this property or to see our 7000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
house in le bouscat measuring 140sqm, this pleasant home is made up of a luminous living room with a fireplace overlooking the garden, an open-concept kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, shower room, laundry room, office and convertible space. the 314sqm property hosts a garage for parking and a lovely garden with an above-ground swimming pool. built in 1960, this place is in very good condition. for more information about this property or to see our 6000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
house in st paul at the gateway to blaye stands a traditional barn with 78sqm of beautifully restored living space. the home, surrounded by vineyards and without overlooking properties, includes an open kitchen, a dining area, a living room, 2 bedrooms, a shower room and a wc. the 650sqm plot of land hosts a stone outhouse with 70sqm of interior space, another outhouse with 50sqm of interior space, a wine and spirits storage, a natural water source, and a garage with a spare room. the electric heating is brand-new and economical. in a tranquil location, 5 minutes from all amenities. for more information about this property or to see our 8300+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
saint paul de blaye attractive 4-bedroom stone house in need of renovation, 10 rooms + outbuildings, located on 3700m of land, wine and spirits storehouse, independent ancient barn. this is a renovation project with enormous potential. for more information please do not hesitate to contact our english speaking team on + or email to see our 5, 000 properties in the sunny south of france.

Example Ad :
in the middle of the vines!!! undulating sector and timbers!!! solid country house out of stones!! solid country out of stones of size, on 2 levels, of lime pit foot, joint house on 1 cté.rdc: entry, kitchen arranged and equipped, stay, (+ 2 chimneys), room, bathroom + shower, wc. boiler room. 1st stage: 2 rooms, wc. vast hangar on 200 m2, cover of corrugated plates. stone wine storehouse contiguous to the house, on 50 m2. courtyard. heating with fuel. individual cleansing: septic tank. the whole on beautiful wooded space surrounded by vines, is 14.600 m2, approximately.

Example Ad :
sector sought, splendid villa standing on floor 144 m2 in new program with 100m of the d' basin; arcachon, including/understanding vast us séjour-salon-cuisine of 47 m2, storeroom, 4 large rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 wc, terrace with stage, terrace in rez of garden and garage of 34 m2 with small garden of 60 m2.

Example Ad :
vast house landaise of 230 m2 including/understanding salon-séjour-cheminée of 54 m2, cooks equipped, 5 large chambresdont 4 with wall cupboards (17m2, 17 m2, 17 m2, 17 m2, 13 m2), 2 bathrooms of 10 m2, office, storeroom, dressingroom, mezzanine. ground of 1455 m2 with swimming pool 10 m x 5, garage, shelter conveys, drilled puit, barbecue.proximité of the d' basin; arcachon and of the downtown area and the trade.

Example Ad :
building land in st yzan de soudiac this plot of building land measures 1020sqm and has access to main drains, running water and electricity nearby. for more information about this property or to see our 9000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
sadirac (33): one storey house set in 1200m of tree planted land. comprises of a fitted kitchen, large 38m lounge, dining room with fireplace, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, covered terrace and parking space for 2 cars. nearby market town. for more information about this property or to see our 6000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
gironde north!!! in the middle a sympathetic nerve village!!! to 45 mn of bordeaux!!! to renovate!! castle, at the end of xix ème, out of stones of size, on 3 levels. dependences. house of guard. park raises. the whole on 7000m², environ.le castle: rez of roadway, (on more than 200 m²): main entrance serving equitably in two l' parts; together. 4 vast parts on each side (30 m² minimum each one). chimneys. old tilings in bad condition. 1st stage (on more than 200 m²): stage also serving 4 parts on each side. roofs: to arrange, on 200 m², approximately. splendid beams. roof and frame in good state. the tower: on 3 levels. with renoverles dependences: in the prolongation of the tower, the dependences constitute a surface of 200 m² approximately, also has renover.maison of guard: with entry of the park, on 80 m² livable. heating, electricity to be envisaged. connection with the whole with existing sewer. medical to create.

Example Ad :
with 15 min of bordeaux, the calm traditional house to seize on ambares!!! house of standard lime pit foot 4 built in 1982, of 95 m² hab. 3 rooms (with including 2 with wall cupboards), stay + living room of 28 m² approx. with chimney, separate kitchen equipped and arranged, veranda of 19 m² isolated with 2 vélux, 1 wc and 1 room water. shelter conveys, workshops, barbecue, a small basin with a well (double network). closed garden, raised (fruit-bearing and pot) of 709 m². chauff with gas, survitrage. very with sewer, electric gate. near to a10, all conveniences in the vicinity!!!

Example Ad :
to seize!!! to 15 min of bdx!!! app t3 renovates with privative garden to arrange!!! beautiful luminous appt of type 3 entirely renovated in ground floor in small joint ownership closed on 80 m² livable approximately including/understanding stay with open kitchen arranged and equipped approximately 35 m², 2 rooms of 10 and 15 m², room water, storeroom, wc, electric heating, double glazing, garden giving on the stay to arrange approximately 300 m², cellar, 2 parking spaces within closed joint ownership, meters individual water and edf to have!!!

Example Ad :
in the middle of the chartrons very beautiful building as a freestone!!! building on 3 levels, 230 m² hab. approximately, with the rdc commercial premise on 92 m² (possibility of transforming into dwelling) 1st level on 80 m² approxima stay, kitchen arranged and equipped, 3 rooms, 1 bathroom and wc, 2nd level on 57 m² approxima 3 rooms, 1 sdb, 1 wc, electric heating

Example Ad :
to seize fabulous old house in state!!! to 5 min of st andre de cubzacmaison of 1890, out of stone on 2 niv, 200 m² hab. drc: entry + room + kitchen + toilets + great stay of 80 m² (with chimney insert) and linen room. on the 1st floor: 2 rooms, sdb. garage of 60 m², swimming pool 4x9 and courtyard. the whole on a closed and wooded ground of 1000 m²

Example Ad :
house in sainte foy la grande divided into two apartments, this house offers independent entrances, and a bright living space in excellent condition. the apartments are ready to be rented. double garage. what a fantastic investment !

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