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Renting Haute Garonne

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Advertisements Renting Haute Garonne :
Renting s Apartment Bagnères De Luchon M²
The hiring is at 47 km (s) of saint gaudens and at 38 km (s) of gourdan polignan and at an altitude of 650 meters. with 39 kilometers of the exit motorway of seilhan, with 65 kilometers of airport of tarbes, to 1 kilometer (s) of the station of luchon. with 50 meters of the bus stop centers. housing comprises 2 beds simple (s), 1 settee (s) reads (s) 1 bed (s) double (s). the hiring is directed est_ouest the hiring has an independent kitchen, a living room, a balcony, a private carpark, a terrace, ... (+ Infos)
Renting s Saint Frajou M²
The hiring is at 65 km (s) of toulouse and at 35 km (s) of saint gaudens and at an altitude of 350 meters. housing is located at 100 kilometer (s) tracks, to 2 kilometer (s) of the lake, to 5 kilometer (s) of the trade, to 3 kilometer (s) of the river, to 5 kilometer (s) of the centre town, with 35 kilometers of the exit motorway of laffitte vigordane, with 60 kilometers of airport of blagnac, to 35 kilometer (s) of the station of boussens. to 5 kilometer (s) of the bus stop l ' isle in dodon. ... (+ Infos)
Renting s House / Villa Bagneres De Luchon M²
The hiring is at 100 km (s) of toulouse and at an altitude of 630 meters. housing is located with 50 kilometers of the exit motorway of bayonne toulouse, with 500 meters of the station to 50 meters of the bus housing comprises 1 settee (s) reads (s) 1 bed (s) double (s). it has a garden of 50 m . the hiring has a living room, a garage, a private carpark, an american kitchen, a terrace, a dining room, a garden. the hiring is equipped a central heating, a living room garden, a barbecue, garden ... (+ Infos)
Renting s Apartment Bagnères De Luchon M²
The hiring is at 48 km (s) of saint gaudens and at 40 km (s) of montrjeau and at an altitude of 630 meters. housing is located at 100 meters of the tracks, with 600 meters of the lake, 40 meters of the trade, 35 kilometers of the exit motorway of montrjeau, with 65 kilometers of airport of tarbes heavy, to 1 kilometer (s) of the station of bagnres-of-luchon. with 10 meters of the bus housing comprises 1 settee (s) reads (s) 1 bed (s) double (s). the hiring is directed southern the hiring has ... (+ Infos)
Renting s Apartment Le Mourtis M²
The hiring is at 10 km (s) of happy saint and at 25 km (s) of luchon and at an altitude of 1450 meters. housing is located at 300 meters of the tracks. housing comprises 2 beds simple (s), 1 settee (s) reads (s) 1 bed (s) double (s). the hiring is directed southern the hiring has a kitchenette, a storeroom a dining room. the hiring is equipped with crockery, dun refrigerating, a furnace, hotplates, kitchen utensils, a cooker, a microwave, a vacuum cleaner, a television, a reader dvd, a reader ... (+ Infos)

You can also place a property advertisement free of charge or any other city in the departement of Haute Garonne, our website is specialised in the south of France. Therefore, you will contacted by people which are interested in your property.

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Example Ad :
toulouse west, with saint-lily, close to the college and to the trade, house of 2002 in excellent state, kitchen equipped contemporary, 3 rooms with wall cupboards. living room access terrace giving on small garden. garage. with the calm one!

Example Ad :
toulouse garden of the plantesa to very rent studio in good state of 19m² sunny and calm, entry, pleasant stay, kitchen equipped opened, sdd, several arrangements. near to all conveniences. to discover quickly! free 01/09/08

Example Ad :
apartment t3 of 56 m2 env with stay and kitchen equipped, terrace, rooms with wall cupboards, on the 1st floor and last a residence closed with pisicine of 2007, storeroom, 2 carparks, reduced expenses of notary!

Example Ad :
between aurignac and isle in dodon. very pretty sluice-gate truss of 160 m². 3 rooms. entirely restored. central heating with gas. much seal with beams, chimneys and floor tiles old. great dependences and garage. dominant position on 15 hectares of ground. sight the pyrenees. exceptional framework. ideal horses. to discover.

Example Ad :
close to boulogne sur gesse with all shopping and amenities and 80 km south-west from toulouse. this property, presently in use as a duck farm, contains a uniquely shaped farmhouse with cellar, appartment, several outbuildings and 7 hec. of land ( incl. woods ), representing in total more than 250 m2 of habitable space. the main house is shaped as a polygonal cube and has appr. 140 m2 of habitable space, containing at ground floor level a kitchen ( 15 m2 ), living ( 25 m2 ), dining room ( 30 m up stairs there are 3 bed rooms of resp. 18, 15 and 15 m2. there are a sizeable celler and veranda. the technical facilities are in good order and the same is true for the main structure of the house ( roof and walls ). the central heating is on gas, the house is insulated and there is a septic tank. next to the main house there is the appartment with another 120 m2 of habitable space on one level, containing: kitchen/ dining ( 35 m2 ), living ( 16 mand 2 bedrooms of resp. 10 and 30 m2. the appartment or second house has its own technical facilities such as central heating and septic tank. there are several outbuildings/ barns presently used for the agricultural activity as a duck farm. this property could be bought as described before, including the agricultural activity/ duck farm ( alternatively there is the option to buy the property without the agricultural activity and related materials and a smaller plot of land, i.e. only 1 hec. ( 1. price: 440.000 ?, incl. agency fee 2. price: 352.000 ?, incl agency fee. 80 km from toulouse and its international airport. 60 km from tarbes and 80 km from lourdes. 28 km from lannemezan and 45 km from auch. spain and the ski slopes in the pyrenees can be reached within one hour drive. the atlantic is 250 km away and the east coast is on a distance of 275 km.

Example Ad :
mr. pillet proposes to you in cornebarrieu, an old body of barn, separate in three villas, pretty garden raised, well, renovated with taste giving him seal. a vast entry, modern staircase for l € access to l € stage, storeroom with toilets, kitchen open on the stay with access to the terrace, in déco pretty wall of bricks, parts very luminous. with l stages two rooms, bathroom, many partly mansard-roofed arrangements. price: 230000 € fai immobilier@domicile

Example Ad :
beauzelle; good exposure appart.t3 de65m² with large terrace aucalme.prestations dequalite.parquet.cuisine equipee

Example Ad :
lherm has two steps of the center villa lime pit foot 165 m² hab has to modernize. stay 45 m luminouswith chimney. cook equipped with storeroom attenant.6 rooms. bathroom. closed ground of 1170 m².

Example Ad :
labege. to rent studio in good state of 21m² on the 5th floor with asc. a residence made safe, stay open on a balcony, kitchenette equipped, sdb, wall cupboards, private carpark, swimming pool, tennis, gymnasium. to discover quickly! free of continuation

Example Ad :
auzeville tolosanea to rent villa 6 parts remade to nine of 140m², hall entry, stay doubles open on a garden of 900m², kitchen equipped closed, 4 rooms, sdb, storeroom, possibility of rangemenst for bicycles. near to all conveniences. free 01/10/08

Example Ad :
close to roquetts, in the haute garonne region this magnificent building land of 1581m is located in a calm environment that is very well exposed. this land comes with building authorization for building on 316m of the land. come and visit soon! for more information about this property or to see our 8300+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
toulouse cross dauradea to rent apartment very 3 parts in good state of 60m² on the 1st floor a closed and made safe residence, hall entry, stay clearly open on a balcony, cooks simple, 3 rooms, sdb, some arrangements. near to all conveniences. free 01/01/2009

Example Ad :
toulouse capitolea to very rent apartment t1 (a) in duplex in good state of 30m² on the 1st floor a small toulouse building, hall entry, pleasant stay, kitchen equipped, 1 room, sdb, some arrangements. to discover quickly! free 01/01/09

Example Ad :
eaunes.calme and love of life in this villa of 260 m² hab with the grds volumes. stay 55 m² giving on a southern patio and swimming pool full. you will appreciate this kitchen summer with barbecue iur evenings conviviales.4 chbres. gaming room. library 35 m² with parquet floors. 2 sdbains. superb park of 4000 m².

Example Ad :
contemporary new (fnr) 2007, on one level, d structures original, stay 50 m2 at a peak diamond opening on swimming pool (10x5) with integrated kitchen scheme of central work, reversible integral air-conditioning, sdb 15, 84 m2 with sauna, jacuzzi, bath-tub d angle, flat panel display, room 1 with its dressingroom, 2 rooms with their wall cupboard and with l office with corner wc, wash-stand, 2 terraces, porch stages alarms, the whole on a piece of 2500 m2 raised and enclosed. free house to the 01/11/2008. to ask georges or christine .

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