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Renting Seine Et Marne

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Advertisements Renting Seine Et Marne :
Renting s Apartment Serris M²
~rent f2 furnished 35m2 of living space in serris town. bright, attic on the last floor of a quiet residence close to the farm of amilly. outdoor terrace with unobstructed view of disneyland paris and the centre commercial val d europe. gas heating individual, american kitchen arranged and equipped open on the stay, including fridge-freezer, combined oven, 2 plates, dishwasher. bathroom with washing machine and bathtub. close to all amenities? location of outdoor parking. .

You can also place a property advertisement free of charge or any other city in the departement of Seine Et Marne, our website is specialised in the south of France. Therefore, you will contacted by people which are interested in your property.

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Example Ad :
(77) t4 apartment in residence of standing open on entry stay dble cooks d' room; water 2 gdes rooms undermines privative carpark to contact alain with the agt agent

Example Ad :
superb recent house of 173 m2 in a close dead end school, college, 7 parts, beautiful volumes. drc: reception, kitchen equipped, dining room with large picture windows, double stay of 42 m2 with chimney, wc, double garage. 1st stage: large stage, parental continuation with sdb, 3 rooms with wall cupboards, sdb, wc. true 2nd stage: office with balcony. reduced expenses of notary.

Example Ad :
centre town parks trade schools has foot, house joint renovee has nine a surface of 95m² env made up of 5 parts luminous roomy it will allure you pa these volumes garden 200m². contact agt agent optimhome

Example Ad :
(77) with 45mn of paris gare de lyon recent house of lime pit foot very luminous cooks us 4 ch salle has manger-salon with chimney insert bathroom beautiful terrace with calm contacting alain agt agent

Example Ad :
(77) t5 apartment has 45 mn of paris gare de lyon 10mn has feet of the superb station service composes of double stay cooks amenagee 3 rooms dressingroom wash-house d' room; water wc and placards-penderies to contact alain agt agent

Example Ad :
(77) house ds close village briard montereau s/sol total 3 sees. living room 31m² 3 ch dependances bcp de possibilites contacter alain agt mandataire chimney

Example Ad :
(77) beautiful ground to build to develop 360 m² flat environment calms 10 mn has feet of the station 45mn of paris gare de lyon to contact alain agt agent

Example Ad :
close center house on total s/s cooks amenagee, ch stay, 3 ch, 1 office, sde, terrace, closed garden arbore.contact ch agt agent www email agent agent christian marsh

Example Ad :
(77) very beautiful very luminous apartment in edge of the seine with terrace cooks us amenagee salon-salle to eat with chimney 2 rooms bathroom and 2 wc garage

Example Ad :
franck duval ( or ) network i@d france proposes to you: avon within a green framework near to the schools and all commoditées, roomy apartment of 5 parts on the 1st floor with double stay giving on balcony, 3 rooms. you will be allured by his fitting and its many arrangements, its calm and its pleasant sight. cellar and external carpark are its additional advantages. it n' waits more than you! find all our goods on

Example Ad :
pascal meyer ( or ) proposes to you: full fontainebleau centers very required district has two steps of the park of the castle in a building 1800 apartment in joint ownership of 3 principal parts without any work 63 m2 livable env, entered corridor, 2 rooms, bathroom, wc, kitchen arranged and equipped, living room, garage private, small contiguous garden common court, private, hollow carpark arched, rare in a sector very very privileges and pretty service, not expenses of joint ownership all conveniences on the spot

Example Ad :
your adviser 3g immo on the spot: jean-pierre demolon, , site: in a calm sector, parks at foot, house of livable nature of continuation, on approximately 1200 m2 of ground. being composed at the ground floor a kitchen arranged and equipped, a dining room with chimney insert, a living room parqueted with chimney marble, a bathroom, a wc and a veranda. a large room of 24 m2, with room water and wall cupboard, in half-stage. with 1st level: 2 rooms (parquet floor under fitted carpet) with chimney marble including 1 with wall cupboard/dressingroom, wc. with the 2nd level: 2 other rooms in parquet floor. garage 1 vl + workshop and building with courtyard. visit it jean-pierre demolon 3g immo

Example Ad :
pascal meyer ( or ) of the network i@d france proposes to you: charming sluice-gate truss of 5 principal parts + roofs has to finish to arrange 3 rooms in rdc possibilities 3 pennies roofs entered corridor living room with wood stove, dining room, kitchen, room water, hollow wc arched, dependences barn and shelter has wood workshop, double glazing, new roof, heating heat pump splendid park maintained without reality opposite the calm absolute in this small hamlet, near to all conveniences j' await your call!!!! find all our goods on

Example Ad :
pascal meyer ( or ) proposes to you urgent: with 7mn of direct nemours 3mn of the station zone 6, 50mn bets parks of lyon in a very calm sector, a house of 140 m2 raised on under ground, livable space of great quality, no work has to envisage, 5 rooms of which with the rdc, living room with chimney insert, dining room 35 m2 surroundings, kitchen arranged and equipped, 2 bathrooms, 2wc. under suitable ground of 120 m2environs in its totality, garage, heating gas for domestic use and new boiler ideal for big family to visit without delaying negotiable!!! village in full expansion many constructions has to come.

Example Ad :
marie-pierre firebrand proposes to you in the middle a very required village briard, this splendid briarde which is reserved in priority with a family which appreciates space, the functionality and the charm of old. the whole on a ground of 1300 m². schools on the spot, trade and station at 5 minutes of nangis. a virtual visit s' impose!!!

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