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piece of ground buildable Vienne

piece of ground viabilisn© Vienne

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Advertisements Sale Vienne :
Piece Of Ground Vienne Sale Ground LA CHAPELLE MOULIERE surface : 825 M²
Building lot partially serviced water meter in place other road services (mains drainage, electricity) facade: 21.40 m length: 33.00 m
Piece Of Ground Vienne Sale Ground LA CHAPELLE MOULIERE surface : 825 M²
Building lot partially serviced water meter in place other road services (mains drainage, electricity) facade: 21.40 m length: 33.00 m
Piece Of Ground Vienne Sale Ground ST JULIEN L'ARS surface : 834 M²
Building land center bourg not serviced road services facade: 37.60 m length: 24.99 m
Piece Of Ground Vienne Sale Ground TERCE surface : 1241 M²
Building land to provide services on the road. without free vis-ŕ-vis builder. width 16 m length 58 m. closed largely.
Piece Of Ground Vienne Sale Ground LAVOUX
Beautiful flat land to build non-serviced service road 1160 m2 l 56 m l 20 mr.
quiet environment.

Advertisements Renting Vienne :

You can also place a property advertisement free of charge or any other city in the departement of Vienne, our website is specialised in the south of France. Therefore, you will contacted by people which are interested in your property.

Real Estate Advertisements Vienne : French Real Estate Advertisements :
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Example Ad :
superb longere on 1200m² of ground with room of reception, cooks transport and equipped, stay, old living room with chimney of the 16th century, 4 rooms including 1 with privative bathroom. dependences.

Example Ad :
reduced expenses of notary business has saisir.pavillon nine completion in may 2009 of full foot 90m2 +18m2 garage tiles isolates on 309m2 from ground encloses in calm sector and prenant 4 pieces.1 entered. 1cuisine open 7m2 with sink and hood .1 living room sam 34m2.3 rooms 11m2 with placards.1 wc.1se with 2 vasques.chauffage on ground electrique.menuiserie pvc double vitrage.isolation of 32cms to the plafond.proche all commodites.aeroport of poitiers 15kms.autoroute has 10 8kms.paris tgv 1:30. futuroscope 8kms.a to see quickly. agent agent

Example Ad :
beautiful house d time to refresh 15th century as a pierre with visible beams old granting of the strong castle in a commune of most beautiful of france.de 80m2 with under ground equivalent.bel staircase as a reaching pierre has a stage giving on a living room of 30m2 with cheminee.1 room 18m2 with balcony 4m2.1 kitchen suitable 5m2.divers placards.1grenier 50m2 with beams apparentes.1 garage 1 conveys .1cellier.1cave voutee.menuiserie wood survitrage.chauffage fuel.proche all commodites.aeroport of poitiers 35kms.autoroute a10 25mns.paris tgv 1:30 .futuroscope 25mns.a to see absolutely. agent agent

Example Ad :
for investor or particular open area of 350m2 to build close centre town all conveniences has pied.constructible on sa totality cos 0 .possibilte real out of 2 etages.eau electricity gas of ville.aeroport of poitiers 35kms.autoroute a10 4kms.paris tgv 1:15 .futuroscope 15kms.affaire to seize quickly. agent agent

Example Ad :
investor or particular business has saisir.maison of city on 1 stage 3 parts builds out of bricks of the years 1960 has raffaichir 65m2 +1petite house full foot 2 parts 40m2 on 2000m2 of ground raises cloture.maison 3 parts drc 1cuisine 18m2.1 stay 18m2 1wc 1sdb.1buanderie.1abris of jardin.1er stages 1 room 24m2.1grenier.maison 2 pieces.1sejour cooks 20m2.1chambre 20m2 1cave.1puit.menuiserie bois.toiture and frame in good travelling etat.chauffage fuel.volets electrique.proche all commodites.aeroport of poitiers 35kms.autoroute a10 4kms.paris tgv 1:15 .futuroscope 15kms.lac beach drill leisures d be 4kms.a to see agent agent quickly

Example Ad :
house of city 110m2 6 parts with ground raises fence of 250m2 contiguous drill and pedestrian path towards shopping mall hyper has 200m. joinery and pvc double vitrage.3 rooms 12m21 with wall cupboards 1salon 28m2 1 sam 28m2 1 mezzanine sdb cooks equipee garage wash-house shelters of garden .proximite all conveniences stop drunk. guy 196350 € fai guy agent agent guy lambert

Example Ad :
to 10 mn entered of poitiers, old house to renovate a potential of 45 m² to the drc with a chimney, even surface stages some with visible beams and 3 vélux new - remade frame, cover and zinc works, 4 chained walls - meters water and electricity, very with sewer - dependence of 15 m² on a side of the house, but to envisage to remake the roof - contiguous ground of 1000 m² - additional information and photographs to the or by email -

Example Ad :
very beautiful body of farm locates has 25mns chatellerault and 30mns futuroscope has 10mns of all livable commodites.100m2 with garden of 1000m2 and contiguous ground of 10000m2.1 kitchen amenagee of 22m2. 1sam living room with chimney 16m2.3 rooms 12 15 16m2.1sdb.1wc.1chaufferie.1 storeroom 60m2.1cave.1 part office or room 12m2.1 stable 30m2.1 atelier.2 garages 3 voitures.1hangar as a pierre cover large slates 160m2.2 course fermees. other dependences 60m2.1 tank water 18000l.chauffage wood and fuel.menuiserie bois.toitures slates and tiles mecaniquescharpentes in very good etat.poitiers airport 35kms.autoroute a10 has 20mns.paris tgv 1:15 has 20mns.affaire excetionnelle to visit quickly. agent agent

Example Ad :
business has saisir.maison as a pierre to renovate 105m2 4 parts with contiguous ground of 500m2 constructible shon of the totalite.1 part 48m2 with cheminee.1salon sam 25m2 with cheminee.2chambres 15 15m2.1se.1wc.1 attic with visible beams 48m2.1 shelters of jardin.1 small garden 50m2.1 terrace 14m2.toiture neuve.proche all commodites.aeroport of poitiers 15kms.autoroute has 10 6kms.paris tgv 1:30. futuroscope 6kms.a to see quickly. agent agent

Example Ad :
your adviser in vienna: thierry auriac presents to you near to gencay, a large old house of 218 m² hab with calm in the countryside with his contiguous barn of 134 m² - the livable house of continuation, includes/understands 145 m² hab with the drc: immense stay of 64 m² with insert and 6 openings, cooks to arrange of 32 m² with chimney, living room of 35 m² with chimney (being able to be partitioned to make a room moreover), sdb, wc, then with stage 73 m² hab on parquet floor with 4 rooms from 11 to 23 m² and boxroom - central heating - potential beautiful to finish developing because new restoration already made for roof, openings, electricity, insulation, tiling - contiguous barn in good state with back-kitchen, boiler room/wash-house, cellar and garage - ground closed and raised of 2952 m² with a well - fast sending on request a file with complete information and photographs in order to make you an precise idea of this good -

Example Ad :
investor or private individual old barn renovee on under ground buries 90m2 on 300m2 of ground raises suitable bles of 50m2.1 entered 8m2.1 kitchen amenagee 12m2 with opening on terrace of 25m2.1 sam living room of 32m2 opening on terrasse.2 rooms 12m2.1 sdb 8m2.1wc.1 buanderie.1 placard.sous ground 1 garage 2 voitures.1 undermines .1 cellier.2 terraces 25 and 35m2.chauffage electric radians install in march 2009.menuiserie wood double vitrage.proche all conveniences. airport of poitiers 40kms.autoroute has 10 7 kms.paris tgv 1:15 .futuroscope 20kms. to see quickly. agent agent

Example Ad :
close to chÂtellerault in the vienne this collection of farm buildings is full of possibilities. there are outbuildings and the property could be put to a number of uses. perfect as a guest house. the principal residence has been renovated and offers a large living room, a bread oven, 3 bedrooms and an equipped kitchen. a must see! for more information about this property or to see our 15000+ properties in france go to our website home!

Example Ad :
with the doors of poitiers. buxerolles. house of livable town of 87 m², 3 rooms. with the drc we have a beautiful piece of very clear life with a picture window which gives on a loggia, a closed kitchen, a wc, and the garage. with 1st, we have the 3 rooms in floating parquet floor, a beautiful bathroom who has in more one shower, a boxroom, a wc. the whole is impeccable. it has a softener water, the double glazing, gas heating individual, a parking space in addition to the garage. with calm and close to all. agent agent optimhome - to contact peudevin françois with vouneuil on vienna to the - more information on (ref. )

Example Ad :
migne-auxancesgrande house of 200 m² with great volumes located in a very pleasant hamlet and served well. composed of 5 rooms, 1 kitchen, 2 living rooms, 2 rooms water, a garage and a terrace fermée.tel. or

Example Ad :
10 mn of civray has to discover, 15 mn of ruffec pleasant house has to renovate including/understanding 3 rooms, 1 kitchen of 18m2, 1 living room stay of 25m2, sdb, 1 boxroom, 1 large part being able  to be used as room, 1 barn, 1 stable, 1 large hangar  the whole on a ground of 10.000m2   your adviser 3g immo on the spot: stephane penot, , site: /penot

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